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Weight loss programs are designed according to the person’s BMI (Body Mass Index), through which the dietitian or doctor recommends a weight loss strategy.  Of course, here we can talk about it both scientifically and commonly. No one can deny weight loss programs are a medical issue. However, to talk to people we need to develop a common language, the things that we gain through our experience from the field.

Likewise, here we need a common approach as much as we need a scientific explanation. Actually, they seem to be parallel.

Let’s have a look at some rules to follow in order to design an effective weight loss program

  • Where does your recommendation derive from, dietitian or doctor’s prescription?
  • Who defines your weight loss goal – you, or someone else;
  • What are the food choices for the weight loss program may include;
  • Any special report about the program from the field, tested on people or not;
  • If the weight loss program tested before, are there side-effects or not;
  • What is the plan B to maintain your fitness if the designed weight loss program worked well
  • What is the total cost, is it affordable for certain group or anyone?

As you see, designing a weight loss program has many aspects and, the most importantly, you take it professionally both with its common and scientific approach, none of which should be left aside.

Is there a proven weight loss program?

Yes, there are many, we will introduce you the best assets to follow when design a weight loss program. Basically, we recommend you to use our 4 concepts, nutrition-exercise-mindset-support


These four concepts have to do with the list above. Let’s explain it a bit!!!


Your weight loss program must strictly include a weekly, monthly of seasonally nutrition intake. Here you choose whether you need a vegetarian recipe, gluten free recipes, low-carb recipes, snacks and drinks, each of which has different nutritious value and therefore chosen according to inquire.


You chose a weight loss activity you need such as running, walking, strength or body building. Then it depends whether you are male or female because it all has different effect on bodies. Remember that your weight loss program includes a special activity along with you eating plan.


Mindset is the determination that we call lessons which change you existing patterns, habits or beliefs , from time management and emotional, from eating habits to self-destruction.  We teach you to use your inner strength and emotions and mind power…


Your plan B, that’s it. If the weight loss program works, which if determined will surely do, and you succeed, thence, you will need a support program that will keep you on pace for a long time.

Here we repeat that the most effective weight loss program consists of the four concepts such as nutrition or the things you eat, exercise or the calories you burn, mindset or your determination and support or you way of life all through… 

Very Fast Weight Loss Tips!!!

Due to the dynamic life, people continuously ask for a magician stick to get fit at once. All we know it is impossible; however, each time we are searching for marvel, for best weight loss tips. No one can deny it. It is more than true because when talk to people they claim they have no time to go to the gym or do exercises. They say diets last too long and it turns to nightmare since it makes impossible for those in diet to go to parties and take part in events. They want tips to lose weight; they want effective weight loss tips.

Are there really any weight loss tips?weight-loss-tips

Yes there are always solutions to anything but death. If you breathe, there will always be a solution. Remember, if you breathe, you will always find a way through.

I know you would say weight loss tips are easy to mention. You would say: not eating bread, not consuming fatty food and roasted meat, then sweats and snacks. Maybe you have right, but that’s a classical saying. If you don’t get result, what will you do then? As you see, not eating is not always the solution.

What then?

Here we take the game and give you the rules to follow. The tips are the things you already know but rarely maintain.

Tip no # 1: Eat your breakfast and the food you like- Never skip eating your breakfast. The old belief is that skipping a meal helps you lose weight. That is not true. If you eat a big breakfast, you will not feel hunger until the evening and will skip your lunch. Also never stay away from the food you like. Instead, be moderate and read the food labels and find out what not to consume.

Tip no # 2: Eat fruit and vegetables instead of other appetizers. Skip canned aperitifs because they may contain synthetic ingredients which have side effects; eat fresh ones two or three times a day till you feel full. They will not put you on weight, do not worry.

Tip no # 3: Drink a lot of water! Before meals, after and while eating, drink plenty of water. It helps you burn your calories. It is also very vital for your metabolism. It does not leave your body to stock fat.

Tip no # 4: Cut down on alcohol! To your knowledge, a glass of wine can contain as many calories as a piece of chocolate, a pint of lager also contains about the same calorie count as a packet of crisps? Drinking too much can easily contribute to weight gain over the time. 

Tip no # 5: Get rid of the suspicious snacks! Throw away chips, chocolates, biscuits, especially fuzzy drinks all the junk ones. Eat sugar free and unsalted snacks. Remember, avoid sugar and salt since this is very important.

Tip no # 6: You need a schedule. Plan your meals, do not mess it! Best possible plan is a weekly plan that consists of you 2 meals a day and a snack. You will see then that maintaining the schedule gives you strength to overcome your hunger.

Tip no # 7 and Tip no # 8: Click here

Let’s try but not hope….Let’s give a try to these best weight loss tips because you can!!!

Set Yourself a Diet Plan!!!

If you need some information about the diet plan strategy, you should have the BMI
(Body Ma
ss Index) plan on your hand. It tells you the proper weight according to your height and age, which is supported by the most well-known doctors and scientists of the field. This is where you should start from.


Nevertheless, all you that are up to getting fit, the best diets are those that include good balanced diet plans that really work. You may read thousands of articles about diet plans and nothing to get in practice. It is because you apply the wrong diet plan. Actually, everything works in concordance. Nothing is effective when not in a good balance. Everything depends on a balance.

First of all, clarify your fat –burning strategy, which has to do with where your body needs burning fat. Why? It is because some parts need some exercise or walking while the other parts of the body do not need it. Then let’s start with some genius ideas about diet plans step by step. 

Mild Diets:

None of the best diet plans include gluten. No gluten products can you include in your diet plan. Here you have a sample of an effective diet plan:

It is for those who work hard because they need energy to endure the day’s tiredness. This is why this diet is based on proteins and vitamins; it also includes a morning and afternoon snacks, where most of diets exclude it.  This diet plan is effective to stay fit after a harsh diet applied.

Let me mention that diet plans work parallel with exercises and doing sport. If you avoid walking 30 minutes a day at least, you seem to have misunderstood the essence of losing weight.

Turkey salad

Sandwich on

Wheat bread,

Milk, Orange, Juice,

Banana, Garden,


Egg salad

Sandwich on wheat bread, Milk, Apple Juice,

Pear Halves,

Fresh Cole



Chicken Salad

Sandwich on wheat bread,

Milk, Orange Juice


Cottage Chesse

Sliced Ham

Sandwich on wheat bread,

Apple Juice,



3 Bean Salad

Tuna Salad

Sandwich on wheat bread,

Orange Juice,

Peach Slices,

Potato Salad

Regime Diets:

On the other hand, extremely fat people need a very intense diet plan, which lasts for months and decreases your calorie intake very slowly and it also is nutritious since most people fail to maintain a very rigid diet plan.  Here you will be shown a sample of it, but to mention that those diet plans include no sugar, no bread at all, no red meat, no cakes and sweets and many more things with heavy calorie list.calorine-diet

The table shows you clearly how precise your daily calorie intake has to be. This type of a diet plan is rigid and must be applied correctly to get an effective result. The list goes on and you can obtain it for months from your nutritionist or dietician. Try this one and you will surely see the result. This diet plan is based on calorie intake and includes wider selection of low calorie food since it is aimed to ensure that no one will fail to maintain it.

Other diet plans are made on purpose and aim. There are diets that include all sorts of food in moderation for instance. Some people can eat red meat and fats if they have no fat in blood. It is all about what your body needs or it doesn’t; you need power or vitality. It all depends, maybe a bit complicated, but it is worth to get into analysis and find the best for your body. 

Remember that there is a calorie calculator available on the internet; also visit   Body Mass Index sites and find your proper weight and get ahead.

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How to Lose Weight Natural Way!!!



Gaining weight nowadays is a usual occurrence. Almost everywhere you turn your eyes; it is possible to see but a few fat people. Your dynamic life, everyday passive movements and office jobs make people lazy and consequently you put on weight.

And you have always asked yourself how some people lose weight. It is a common question, do not worry. Here you have the answer. The first step of them all is being “determined.”  Determination fetches the best results concerning losing weight and all other problems in your lifetime.

Is it all about determination? Of course not, but if you are determined continue reading otherwise!

Here you have the most crucial steps for the beginning of your lose weight regime.

Change your way of life: First of all you will have to change all of your old habits. Remember, you are about to lose weight and be a healthy person. What are these habits for instance: If you get to sleep late, you will try to go to bed earlier and get some more sleep and avoid eating food in front of the TV. If you go to work by car, at least, leave your car some distance away from your office and walk a bit.slider-1


Start a diet: Immediately start a diet. Eat everything what’s green; avoid everything that’s made of dough.

Avoid bread, pasta, pizza, pancakes, sweets, red meat, snacks and cheese;

Eat cereals, chicken, fish and sea food, vegetables and fruit;

Drink a lot of water, diet milk, homemade fruit juice and green tea (avoid sugar or be moderate)…

Sacrifice your dinner:  From now and on you eat just twice a day. It is hard but remember, you are about to lose weight and be a healthy person. Repeat this phrase all the time. Do not eat anything with heavy calorie after 6. You eat dinner at 6-7 o’ clock what’s in your diet program and try to be busy in order not to think of food and eating. 

Weight Loss

Increase you movements: Start a course or enroll to a gym or fitness club. Just for information: two bananas give you about 90 minutes training energy! Try it!!! You can do none of these, maybe. It is ok, do not worry. If so, it is more than enough if you practice what cardiology recommends. Walk 30 minutes a day. If this is difficult, repeat the phrase: I am about to lose weight and be a healthy person. It has to do with determination and it helps a lot.

Losing weight is a sadistic approach which has mainly to do with being determined and maintaining your selected diet regime. I call it a diet regime since you have to avoid everything you like and are addicted to. Nevertheless, here we talk about a serious problem which nowadays arises several debates worldwide.


Remember, you are about to lose weight and be a healthy person!!!

How To Lose Weight Quickly!!!


Losing Weight Has Never Been So Simple! – Try It Now

It is widely known that diets are a long-term run to lose weight. There are many ways and diets, but to make it through easily and quickly is a matter of wisdom.  Why do I say this?  It is because all you out there are not familiar with the main reason you get stuck while trying to lose weight quickly.

In order to lose weight quickly, first of all let me inform you that there are two types of calories you take: liquid and solid. While you try hard not to eat fatty food, you drink too much coffee, which also contains some considerable amount of calories. This means that you make two steps forward, and then you make one backwards. You do not take solid calories, but you take liquid.

What to do to lose weight quickly?

Here are the steps to follow:

Be careful of drinks- (fluid calories): Avoid cola, coffee, factory made juice, wine, soda or fuzzy drinks. All these drinks contain fluid calories where you get about 800 calories during the day and you still feel hungry.

Step one: Instead high calorie drinks, you take green tea, forest fruit tea, home-made fruit juice and plenty of water. Strongly recommended!!! These liquids not only have low calories but they also burn some calories, too.

Step two: Immediately take salt consumption under control. If you think you do not use too much salt, what about crisps, soup, canned food, salty snacks and many more. Sodium intake should be lowered.

Step three: Use spices with your food! Especially chili peppers contain capsacin; it helps your metabolism release hormones that burn fat, scientifically proved.

Step four: Reduce hidden sugar use. In order to lose weight quickly, reduce significantly the sugar intake, not only solid sugar, but also hidden liquid sugar use. It is everywhere in your tea, drinks, bread and so on. Make it sugar-free!!!

Step five: Do not skip meals; it will not help you to lose weight quickly. Eat twice or three times a day, but do not overeat. Watch the calorie intake!!! It is sure that you watch it if you are on a diet, but never skip your meals. If you disorder your metabolism, it will not help you at all.

Step six: Get regular sleeps and move regularly if you cannot manage cycling, running, jogging, doing sports and so on. If you think not sleeping will help you, you are fault. Get some regular sleep! Then everything you do to lose weight and stay passive will never help you lose weight quickly.

You maybe take the best diets to lose weight quickly, but it either goes very slowly or it does not work at all. Then try out these six steps and be optimist about the result because we are sure you will succeed.

 Let’s try to lose weight quickly in six steps forwards none backwards!!!

Best Way To Lose Weight!!!

The same old story goes all the way around. Everyone is searching for a miracle, the best way to lose weight. People who take up a diet always seek for the easiest way to lose weight, which in most of the cases is desired by eating normally. That is impossible to some extent but possible if find the recipe.


The best way to lose weight is by eating, excluding high-fat and sugary or sweet food. New age dietitians maintain that losing weight by diets is not healthy every time. There are cases when people do not lose weight although they are on a diet. This means that the food they eat is not fatty but it contains sugar, which in our case does the same
function, it turns into fat in your organism. 

To get it straight, you may want to ask if you can eat everything. Of course you can, but how? Our slogan is the best way to lose weight by eating. If you know to treat yourself then you can eat everything but in daily basis. Here we go…


If you want to make yourself a favor and eat beef on Monday go on, but think of anything else for Tuesday, no more beef on Monday. Then you may want to eat a dessert; you can freely eat, but prepare yourself for a 30- min walk. What about pork and lamb! You have a whole week for programming, and remember this is not a diet. Buy yourself some smaller plates and dishes and shrink your portion! After every meal, you have to be out for a walk. When you are back nothing will happen because you have burnt the calories you have taken. You will then feel that this is the best way to lose weight since you eat and lose weight at the same time.

        Lose Weight  – the Healthy Way


It’s the simple recipe for success:

  • You won’t feel deprived, because every delicious shake tastes like a sinful treat.
  • The proteins and healthy fats will help you feel fuller longer , so you’re  less likely to snack.
  • Super food help your body reduce cravings for junk food.


Do not hesitate eating salad especially broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, celery, carrots and radish. You can eat as much as you want; they are low-carb vegetables and full of proteins, which means you won’t feel hungry.

The best way to lose weight includes sea-food and chicken. Therefore, you are permitted to eat fish, salmon, trout, shrimps, lobsters etc… It is also permitted to eat chicken but avoid roasted meat as much as you can.


Prepare your meals with olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and avoid butter and cooking fat. By doing so you will burn your calories easily because all the meat cooked with butter and fat is high-fat or so called high calorie food. This is the best way to lose weight even if you eat meat of any kind. Beware, if you boil the meat, you throw away the fatty water and eat the meat, which has no more fat.

To sum up, eat everything, but avoid eating meat and dessert in the meal. Eat salad as much as you want. Eat dessert but take a walk. Cook just with oil but with slow roasting and avoid frying the meat. Eat three times a day but shrink your portion and take a walk after every meal, at least 30 minutes. If you are busy, then go to the gym and do some exercises for 2 hours.

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So the best way to lose weight is by eating everything…

Healthy Diet

eat-healthyTo all those that did not know, diet is not an act of losing weight. It has a wider perspective to rely on. Do the sportsmen and sportswomen need a diet? Do the actors or actresses need it? You would say not at all. Logically, it sounds correct. But things in practice appear to be different.

Sports people are healthy, but they want to remain healthy for a lifetime; so do the artists since they have to be safe and sound to perform their professions for as long as they can. The definition is called healthy diet.

What is healthy diet; who is it aimed for?

Healthy diet is a diet where one has to keep on the list of the things given by the dietitian according to the needs. The list consists of low fat and sugar but high protein and vitamin food, mainly. There are always some exceptions, of course. All you have to do is maintain your daily calorie intake, eating your dish and snacks normally.

Healthy diet is aimed for those who want stay fit and beautiful as well as healthy and vital in all periods of their life. As mentioned above, sugar, salt, fat and gluten are main risky ingredients that put you on weight. Therefore, professionals always watch their look and eat healthy food and maintain their healthy diets. Let me make clear that you do not have to be rich or famous to have a healthy life. It all depends on you. You decide.

A Healthy diet list:

The list below helps you understand the nature and origin of a healthy diet:

  • Emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products;
  • white meat and seafood such as chicken, turkey, fish;
  • beans, eggs, and nuts;
  • low in saturated fats, transfats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars;
  • Always stays within your daily calorie needs…


What to eat in a healthy diet:

Fruit: eat as much as you can, but, if possible, avoid eating frozen and canned ones. You can try dry fruit if not their season.

Vegetables: eat everything, but, of course, try the fresh ones. Try some broccoli and find radish they are very healthy. Eat vegetables in their seasons, if not, you can eat packed ones just to maintain your healthy diet strategy.Healthy-diet-plan

Calcium-rich food: calcium is very healthy; drink diet milk, yoghurt and eat cheese or so called low-fat dairy. They are available in a wide variety of flavors and can be a great dessert substitute for sweet lovers. A healthy diet surely includes desserts in moderation.

Meat: eat especially white meat or poultry without the skin which is very fatty. You can eat chicken and turkey but avoid their barbecue. No barbecue at all!!! Poultry is low in fats and therefore recommended when in diet.

Seafood: all good! You will think of fish, of course. It is wider than that. Try some shrimps, crabs, mussels and so on… They are vital in a healthy diet and they are rich with omega 3 vitamin. Eat at list 2 portions of seafood a week in different forms, making salad of baking them.



Eggs, beans, nuts and seeds are also great sources of protein. Nuts are a good alternative to snacks high in saturated fat. Since they contain high levels of fat, eat them in moderation.

Avoid fuzzy drinks and roast meat and never eat white bread with gluten. Chose the best healthy diet food for you, make a diet program and take it seriously. You will become one of the happiest and fullest of energy among your pairs. Everything will get a meaning. It will be the time to wear the clothes you liked but never wore. Then you will tell them your story of being happy.

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Watch yourself and believe the life is worth it!!!

How To Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is a worldwide issue nowadays. Eating healthy does not help you only to lose weight, but it also makes your life better and happier. You probably feel tired at least once a week. This can often be as the result of your feeding. Almost everyone gets it wrongly. Things may sometimes be different from that you know. There are many magazines and documentaries telling you how to eat healthy and get fit. It is all right. However, is that information accurate? No one knows.

In this article, we will try to illuminate you for any doubt about eating healthy. Herewith, you will be informed about the risks of serious illnesses and, of course, save the rest of your life, living happily and feeling full of energy. Have a healthy body; have a healthy mind!!!

                                   What is eating healthy?

Change your eating habits: A good start would be to change your eating habits. What are they? You can start from cooking yourself. Buy a cooking guide book first! Start to cook for yourself and select your own favorite food since at home you know what you eat. Avoid restaurants and fast food! This is the first thing you must do. Bake your meals, avoid barbeque to eat healthy.a

Right food selection: To eat healthy consume fish, chicken, turkey and all the seafood; avoid pork, beef and lamb. Eat as much vegetables as you can; also eat fruit every day.

Read Labels: From now and on, read all food labels to select low-calorie food. It helps a lot since there are many similar foods with various calorie values. You know what to chose, of course. For instance, buy 0, 5 fatty milk instead of 3, 2; drink it freely. There is canned tuna with 250 calories and 120. You can eat twice a day if you buy the other one. Labels tell you what to take and what to leave.

Learn about good and bad fats: There are fats that do not cause any harm; however, there are very harmful fats. Two main types of fat are: saturated and unsaturated. Saturated fat increases the amount of cholesterol in the blood, which may increase the risk of developing heart disease. Cheese, cakes, biscuits, sausages, cream and butter contain saturated fat. Learn more about it to eat healthy…

Be always moderate: You can consume sugar and salt and eat chocolate, of course, but use them in moderation. If you drink your coffee with two spoons of sugar, lower it to one. If you are a chocolate lover, eat dark chocolate since they contain less sugar. Reduce the use of salt, it is very harmful. Chose diet drinks; do not drink fuzzy drinks that much. If you eat three times a day, eat five times but the same amount you consume routinely. Now you are moderate.

Drink plenty of water and be active: Drinking at least 2L of water daily keeps you healthy. It is part of eating healthy. Water is very crucial for your organism. Move, walk or do sport!!! Without it forget about being healthy.

How you feel after eating- The more healthy food you consume, the better you will feel. The more junk food you consume, the more uncomfortably you will feel, nauseous or drained of energy.

Fat Burning Foods

Eating and not gaining weight is only possible by fat burning foods. You may not believe the fact that the body does not want to store fat. It is hard to believe, but it is true. Eating wrong food at the wrong time and being glutton in most of the times while passive all the time causes the body to store fat. The proof that body does not want to store fat is the statistics that show the serious health risks they are up to.

What are fat burning foods?beneficios_aceite_oliva

There are some very effective fat burning foods, proven both on diets and routinely. It is, of course, shown scientifically that some foods can help body burn fat and detoxify your body.


  • Parsley: a vegetable that is known as detoxifier and meantime it has the fat-burning role;
  • Olives: they are very healthy and also regenerate your skin, apart from burning fat;
  • Blueberries: they contain fiber and copper and therefore can help you burn fat;
  • Eggs: two eggs contain less calories that a bagel and also very healthy;
  • Organic apple vinegar: its enzymes help in digestion and as the result you burn fat;
  • Green tea: known as the best antioxidant and detoxifier;
  • Cinnamon: a spice that makes miracle, it regulates your blood glucose;
  • Avocado: this fruit contains unsaturated fat, known as good fat, it fights the evil fat;
  • Salmon: it is recommended in diets since it triggers fullness and very healthy;
  • Broccoli: another antioxidant which also helps burning fat;
  • Apples: apples help in digestion and they also contain fiber.


The foods above are scientifically proven that contain different fat-burning nutrition. For instance, caffeine stimulates your heart rate and consequently your system burns calories faster. Also catechins in green tea are substances that burn fat.

Fiber the best substance that burns fat especially shapes your belly. Apples contain a very huge amount of fiber.  Blueberries contain fiber, too. Polyphones in blueberries also are well known for their fat burning specification. Also try beans, broccoli, mango, oranges, grapes, avocado, almond and many others!!!eggs

Omega-3 tatty acids are known to block your body stock fat. Fish, especially salmon, contains omega-3 fatty acid which has a role of blocking fat storage. You can find other foods that contain omega-3 and you will get the same result, which is burning fat on your body. At least, include fish in your diet, eat fish twice a week because fish contains omega-3, or else you eat flax seeds. Flax seeds contain both fiber and omega-3.


As you see, it is possible to eat and burn fat. It is all about substances that break down the fat. Some of the substances we mentioned above and the others are available elsewhere. Now it deepens whether you want to find out about the miracle of the substances such as fiber, caffeine, omega-3, capsaicin found in chili spices, catching and many others.

This is a professional article since everything above is taken from the reports and results in the field. Remember, it all about substances that break down the fat, and a result you do not get fat; you burn fat instead!!!